NLC to Buhari: Sign N30k minimum wage NOW


The National Assembly had already sent the bill to the president for his signature and The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has urged President Buhari to sign the minimum wage bill.

NLC believed that the quick passage of the bill will benefit workers and therefore urged the President to sign the new minimum wage bill as quickly as possible.

Benson Upah, NLC’s head of information and public affairs speaking on Wednesday, April 10, said “The president constituted a committee that worked on the figure that was submitted to him and he sent it to the National Assembly as an executive bill. Similarly, the National Assembly members legislated on it and sent back to the president for consent. “We have no reason to doubt that the president will not sign it into law; his body language does not suggest that he will not sign it. We are hoping and waiting for him to do so. If you ask me when he should sign it, I will tell you that NLC wants him to do so immediately. We want him to sign it right away so that by May 2019, workers can earn the new salary. They have been waiting anxiously.”





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